The world's leading new energy development and construction operator

Technology r&d, intelligent manufacturing, power station system integration and operation and maintenance management are the leading in the world.

Two main lines, one cloud

Karzen has always adhered to the overall strategy of “two main lines, four networks and one cloud”, to realize green and sustainable healthy development and to build a new energy health industry integrated.

“One of the two main lines” means from silicon photovoltaic solar power equipment manufacturing, system integration, integration of construction operation of photovoltaic industry chain, the second is from natural gas development to liquefaction, storage and transportation, the supply of natural gas power generation of clean energy industrial integration. “Four networks” namely power grid, heat network, natural gas network, information network. “One cloud” is the big data energy Internet cloud platform built by kai.

From upstream of the silicon, silicon, silicon chips to the middle reaches of the photovoltaic cells, components research and development, production, system integration, optimization design, to the downstream of the pv power plant investment, development, operation, etc., Karzen is group has formed a global pv industry the most complete industry chain integration, in the technical research and development, the product of intelligent manufacturing, power system integration and operations management, etc., are among the world leading position.

Karzen is promoting high-end manufacturing by informatization, creating the world's leading intelligent battery and component intelligent production base, which forms the large-scale application of the king kong component, double glass component products, etc. With flat single axis tracking, photovoltaic intelligent operations robot, based on advanced technology such as unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) inspection, nano coating, Karzen is the world development, construction and operation of large land, mountain, desert, agriculture, fishery, animal husbandry light light kinds of solar power station, at present, the total installed capacity has become the world's second, map of photovoltaic industry in the United States, Japan, Australia, India, Brazil, southeast Asia and other parts of the world.

Meanwhile,Karzen is not only response country “pv” for poverty alleviation, but also participate in and promote the UN “sustainable energy for all” and “lighting Africa” plan of action actively , through the output of the new energy technology, capital, promote clean energy international poverty alleviation work, let the world a less developed areas not repeat of high energy consumption, high emission. To guide people changing the concept of energy use, and promote the replacement of the main energy and the change way of development and utilization , Karzen is clear to launch photovoltaic parity online Internet technology roadmap, photovoltaic power generation cost parity, paths, effort to achieve photovoltaic parity before 2020 to the Internet, make clean energy to be the affordable energy for everyone.

With rich experience in environmental protection power operation management, Karzen is innovating in wisdom energy “cloud - use - sale - net - source” of energy interconnection model, new technology in power generation products and manufacturing, gas distributed energy and can complement energy network, Internet cloud platform can demand side management and energy, energy trading, one of the leading enterprises in the industry, energy, the financial sector, with Internet + wisdom energy mode, to provide users with the integration of energy service experience.

It is a highlight of the third strategic transformation of Karzen to promote financial innovation with industrial progress and upgrade the industry with financial help. Keeping abreast industry group, the financial group, the financial leasing, funds, bank, insurance, trust business system, such as domestic first launched by department of industry take the lead in setting up the marketization of financial leasing company, including green development institute, green finance research institute integrated comprehensive building, green finance platform for the development of Karzen is injected with a powerful motivation

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