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Hedge fund database

The 12,009 north American fund, 3,985 Asian funds, 11,234 European funds, 837 Latin American funds and 3,960 emerging market funds

There are 5,405 UCITS hedge funds, 2,770 commodity trading advisers, 2,213 long-term absolutes and 228 insured hedge funds

By 314 more than 1148 different consultancy, management of fund assets of more than 1 billion old fund database from 1998 since January 13845 death, this is the scholar, portfolio and history The basic tools of retrospective index study.

Risk management software

Risk Shell provides support for cloud-based Risk management and portfolio building software for the fund and multi-asset portfolios. Compatible with all internal database, and the whole function in the integration of analysis platform for all kinds of hedge fund investors (from the family office to investment Banks) with complex risk and portfolio management solutions.

Risk complex Shell cover all phases of the investment process, and will focus on alternative investment, Risk analysis is based on the returns and Risk analysis based on control, set up market neutral investment group, performance attribution analysis, assets and other platform of choice.

Advantages and characteristics

Integration solution

  • Front, middle and back office components
  • Manager research, risk assessment,investment group construction, reporting and accounting
  • Flexible on-demand platform configuration

Extensive hedge fund data coverage

  • They include hedge funds, traditional OEF/CEF/AFS, ETF and global stocks in more than 400,000
  • tools seamless integration with custom internal databases
  • Whether based on returns and asset-based analysis, have unlimited data points for holding snapshots
Simple and advanced hedge fund analysis
The high-level model

It is well known that the common investment framework based on the mean - variance method has failed in the hedge fund.
This is why the Risk Shell analysis combines the latest alternative concepts:

  • Statistics based on risk values
  • Income distribution analysis
  • High time risk statistics
  • Multiple regression style analysis
  • Advanced stress test scenarios
By working with us, you will benefit from the following:
  • There is a wealth of second opinion and independent views on operational investment risk
  • Get the most advanced operational due diligence services and consulting expertise
  • A very attractive and affordable low-cost outsourcing solution or co-sourcing
  • There are no projects or key personnel risks compared to internal solutions
  • Service reliability, scalability and flexibility
  • Our findings are completely transparent, citing sources of information

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