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Group Profile

Founded in 2014, Karzen Assets Management Group, Ltd., is a venture capital enterprise committed mainly to private equity, hedge funds, biotechnology, consumer sectors, online shopping, online entertainment, social networking and other industries. Headquartered in New York, the United States, the Group successfully bought into the Russia's "Tigre de Cristal” and the Caesars Palace in 2016, having perfectly realized the integrated services of online and offline entertainment industry. At present, the Group has the presence of investors spreading all over the world.

The Karzen Assets Management Group, Ltd., has long focused on the development and operation of high-quality industries and quality projects in the world. The management team members coming from all over the world are all industry elites with more than 15 years of rich experience. In addition to perfect products and rich profits, Karzen Assets Management Group, Ltd., has also met the demands of big data and counted on the nationwide APPs of social networking and rich scene applications to participate in investments of interest-bearing profits, with loans available to apply for online to carry out real-time distribution functions. Huge amounts of data are accumulated enough to integrate the financial industry, consumption sectors, entertainment industry, and so on, for investors to reap huge profits and create new value returns.

Karzen Assets Management Group, Ltd., started from investments with the focus on capital operations. Based on years of matured experience and influence in the field of capital operation, the Group has been able to help investors freely apply for the globally accessible Visa and Mastercard Extreme credit cards while ensuring their profitability so that investors can enjoy the ultimate experience of the scenes of global industry sponsored by Karzen.

Introduction to the Team

Karzen Assets Management Group, Ltd., was formally launched online in 2014. Presently, the Group has gathered elites with 15 years of experience in global capital market.

Here, you can find the most professionalized capital operators, the smartest ideas, and the most incredible products and investors in this paradise of capital operators.

The team of Karzen Assets Management Group, Ltd., is responsible for providing one-stop project of financing services for investors. Since the establishment of the Group, it has successfully reached a consensus with investors and helped them realize their dream of capital operation.

The team members have rich industrial experience in the operation of the capital market and strong passion for products, industrial trends and technological innovation.

Karzen has gathered talents from all over the world. Due to its incessant exploration and innovations, talents from each corner of the world have flocked to Karzen to redefine the norm of investments, spanning from development to testing, in high standards.

Karzen Assets Management Group, Ltd., hopes to work on its own efforts to help every investor create a new history and light up their dreams in Karzen, where they can gain their achievements and capital while enjoying their life experience.

Core Competitive Advantages

At Karzen, we use alternative asset management platforms to provide solutions, create values and push forward development. Our investment reflects the diversified deployment of products and integration of various resources. We make use of our ever-lasting innovative capability to build up a platform for sustainable development, covering private equity investment, venture capital investment, real estate investment, mezzanine and credit investment, securities investment and wealth management.

We provide financial and strategic support for outstanding businesses and entrepreneurs as they are the source of the world's economic vitality; we discover and support young start-ups and entrepreneurs because they are the guaranteed source of sustainable international innovation and national competitiveness; we provide the world's ultra-high net worth population with wealth management and expand the investment channels for them to share the prosperity and progress of the world's entity economy.

Financial data analysis  
Market participation analysis 
Investment profitability analysis 
Project risk pre-analysis 
Feasibility analysis 

Investment Industry

foreign exchange

Since 1976, the rapid development of the foreign exchange market, trading volume has exponential growth, in 2013, the average daily trading volume reached $5 trillion and 400 billion, Kaizheng international is a foreign exchange will judge the most import

Online Entertainment Platform

The global online gaming market witnessed a growth of 11 % last year to account for $ 37 billion, with a total of 85 countries having legitimized online gambling to be joined by two big population countries, Russia and India. The development and populariz


The scientific use of the modern technology of genetic engineering to accurately select specific excellent genetic characteristics of a living body and transfer them to another species has made "biotechnology" become such a popular technology that biology and human life have become closely attached to each other in many ways.

Private Placement

Since the success of private placement is closely related to the interests of investors, it is imperatively important to find corresponding managers. If the manager has a unique and effective operational philosophy, then the risks that investors have to b

Hedge Funds

• Each move in the progress of energy development has greatly promoted the productive capability in human society. In the wake of the booming international economy, the new energy industry has also burst in growth.

New Energy Industry

The features of high risks and high returns are powerful tools for hedge funds. Karzen Assets Management Group, Ltd., matches these tools of hedge funds with complicated portfolio designs so as to make investments based on market predictions. The Group ga

Resource Planning and Integration

Centered on the interests of investors, the business of Karzen Assets Management Group, Ltd., is based on the profits from APPs and listing, relies on the importance of big data to the market, and counts on the needs for industrial development to ramify p
  • Combing strategies to focus on value creation

    Holding "value-added services and value creation" as the core investment philosophy, Karzen Assets Management Group, Ltd., is committed to becoming a value creator, value-added service providers, and entrepreneur dream granter. In addition to the capital input required for the development of the invested enterprises, the Group lays more stress on long-term strategic value-added services to provide enterprises with various types of resources for them to become bigger and stronger, helping them to create and strengthen their leading positions in the industry by means of adjustment mechanism, strategy combing, management upgrade, financial optimization, industry consolidation, international expansion, and so forth. Investment returns have been earned on this basis.

  • Focus on international markets to join hands in innovative enterprises

    The Company is committed to integrating global resources, concentrating on international markets, joining hands with innovative enterprises to become bigger and stronger while blending them into the world, and helping multinational companies to better serve the international market. To align with this concept, Karzen Assets Management Group, Ltd., has paid acute attention to the consumer industry, modern service industry, high-end manufacturing industry, health industry and others, with explorations made in corporate restructuring, growth, cross-border investment and other models .

– Team Goals

While constantly creating free industries, the Group has made use of its solid capital strength to invest massive capital in high-quality industries and projects of the world. While reaping industrial profits, the Group utilizes superb rules of capital operation to speed up the listing of the invested enterprises and make cyclic gains from the capital market.

– Team Concept

Adhering to the working principle of good faith and high efficiency , the Group has won over the market by innovation, and achieved credit through profits. The Group sincerely offers quality projects to the great populace of investors.

– Team Faith

Profit can be easily made free of risks, while the proceeds are returned to the customer so that investment is no longer your burden.

– Team Characteristics

(1)、The team is established as a high-level professional group of talents that takes "profit" as the guide and professional R&D as the main practice. It’s a "dual combination" type of group to meet the needs of modern investment.

(2)、The construction of the team is the core of Karzen, with the "team leader" taking full charge of leading the team to deep tap into investment projects and shouldering up the goal of shared profit. The profit-making team takes the responsibility not only to benefit customers but also to combine R&D and innovation.

(3)、The team has established a pattern gravitated on investors' "profit" and divided the investment projects into private placement, hedge funds, biotechnology, consumption sectors, online shopping malls, online entertainment, social networking, and so on, to allow investors to make cyclic gains revolving around this series of profitable modules.

"Company qualification"

"Asset Circulation"

On the basis of constant collection of big data to focus on building up free industries, the Group makes use of its solid capital strength to invest massive capital in high-quality industries and projects of the world. While reaping industrial profits, the Group utilizes superb rules of capital operation to speed up the listing of the invested enterprises and make cyclic gains from the capital market.