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Focus on Four Emerging Industries

Professionalized investment team preemptively locking in on high-quality investment opportunities of big health, big data, and big consumption industries

Hi-efficiency Identification of Investment Opportunities

Combining industrial investment expertise and regional market insights to sufficiently and efficiently identify the most entrepreneurial genes

Committed to Industrial Chain Deployment

Completing the investment deployment of upstream raw materials, midstream products, downstream online/offline channels, and supporting services

Focus on Capital Operations

“Karzen Assets Management Group, Ltd., as a Venture Capital Enterprise”

Jointly Tapping into Potential Value of Enterprises

Karzen Assets Management Group, Ltd., has long been focused on the development and operation of high-quality industries and quality projects around the world, featured by the management team composed of industry elites with more than 15 years of rich experience from every corner of the country.

The Group has established a set of investment projects based on "profiting,”making use of solid capital strength to invest massive capital in global high-quality industries and projects, while continuously building up free industries. On the basis of the gained industrial profits, the Group utilizes master-hand rules of capital operation to speed up the listing of invested enterprises and make cyclic gains from the capital market. The Group is also devoted to the innovation of capital investment as well as platform operation.

Among the Group's core products, "online entertainment platform" is a profitable product with the largest user population, the most extensive coverage, and the biggest profitable margins in the world. As a mature industry of online and offline entertainment, each expansion of physical recreation has caused a sensational phenomenon in the industry. After 3 years of development through the APPs of nation-wide social networking and rich scene applications, the online entertainment platform has accumulated and obtained massive data. Thanks to the integration of the financial industry, the consumer sector, and the entertainment industry, investors have gained such a great deal of profits that it has become widely recognized and adopted by investors.

Adhering to the idea of creating wealth for investors, Karzen Assets Management Group, Ltd., has also launched a VIP membership system for full-network investments, an important system which has effectively carried out the ultimate goal that "any social or public figures who participate in the platform of Karzen will have the opportunity to enjoy lucrative tourism benefits, join the club quickly, become Karen’s global VIP members, and enjoy the convenience of services around the world."

Currently, there are several hundred thousand investors in the world gaining profits from the APPs and the listing through the platform of Karzen Assets Management Group, Ltd. At the same time, the Group is also a banner of the investment business community, whose product of online entertainment platform has been recognized by the industry, investors and media as an open source case of the investment community.

Combing Strategies to Focus on Value Creation 
Focus on International Markets and Jointly Build up Innovative Enterprises 
Reaching the International Community to Make Cross-border Investment 

"Superb Rules of Capital Operation"

It is sincerely hoped that through its own efforts, Karzen Assets Management Group, Ltd., will create a new history for every investor, making each profit wisher able to ignite his dream in Karzen and create new historical achievements and capital while acquiring more experience in life.

Investment Industry

  • Rodney Stratton

    Investment Philosophy

    Investments are made in the leading enterprises of subdivided industries. They are subject to examination in terms of whether the targeted enterprise has a broad market space, its own rapid growth capability, an excellent business model, and a good industrial status, as well as whether it has an outstanding team, good corporate governance and basic norms of financial operations.

  • Director: Iren Lina

    Investment Principles

    The principles are guided by growth and foresight in order to control investment costs, keep steady investments, and pay attention to safety margins, with the focus on portfolio investments scattered based on the industry, region, and capital so as to control the risks. Emphasis is laid on post-investment management and comprehensive value-added services to ensure the successful listing of the project.

  • Emma M. Coffey

    Investment Strategies

    The investment is focused on growth-oriented enterprises, coupled with reasonable investment portfolio to secure minimized risks and maximize profits, with the external cooperation with the outside world to be reinforced to upscale the capabilities of resource complementarity and value-added services, and the guidance fund network to be established to enhance the capabilities of project search and joint ventures.

Business Model
Business Model: Profitability

In regards with APP profitability, Karzen Assets Management Group, Ltd., utilizes those social network functions similar to WeChat, such as code-scan payment, prepaid charge, online car or house purchase, online shopping,online entertainment, platform, delivery orders, and the like,so investors can not only profit but also enjoy the entertainment or consumption, a never-tiring move of one stone for multiple targets.


Business Model: Big Data

At the current stage, the importance of big data to the market is widely acknowledged. Through the nationwide APP of social networking and rich scene applications, Karzen Assets Management Group, Ltd., has participated in investments of interest-bearing profits, with loans available to apply for online to carry out real-time distribution functions. With huge amounts of data accumulated, integration is carried out with the financial industry, consumption sectors, and entertainment industry to harvest rich profits.


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